Monday, August 23, 2010

Lemon Grass Fish Soup

I went to my friend and fellow blogger, Bell's house to sit down and have dinner with her and her family. We decided to have Lemongrass Fish Soup with rice. We also made sauteed vegetables and pork spared ribs. It was so nice to make food with people I consider family, it made the food more special to eat. Everyone enjoyed the food and I have to say, we ate more than we should have.

Bell has a fig tree in her backyard, so we decided to munch on a few figs while we waited for all the food to cook.

The Lemongrass soup.

All photos were taken by my friend Bell, who has a fashion blog which you can check out HERE.
Happy Monday everyone!

Ingredients for the Lemongrass soup:
- Fish (whatever kind you prefer, I personally like using cod fish)
-Lemon Grass
-Galangal (if you're not sure what this is, or can't find it in stores, using lemon grass is just find)
-Lemon juice
-Fish Sauce
-2 table spoons of Sugar

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