Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today my boyfriend and I catered to a luncheon at a parsonage. We designed the menu and everything! It was very tiring to set up all the ingredients (we finished at 3 am), but everything turned out amazing. 

I got new knives for this catering occasion. 

The neighbors brought over their home grown vegetables, which was very nice of them.

All Photos by Bell from Style's Bazaar
I was so happy with the results of today's luncheon. My good friend Bell did such an amazing job with the pictures. 

Here's the menu of the food we made today:
1. Crab Croquette
2. Chicken Salad with Peanut dressing
3. Massaman Chicken 
4. Kra paow with Chicken and Basil
5. Coconut Jelly 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dinner with Family

Tonight all my friends and family came over and we ended up making a sooki yaki. It really is great that everyone can make time in their busy schedules to come over for dinner on a Sunday night. 

We decided on a seafood sooki yaki because a lot of my friends don't eat meat for heath and ethical reasons. We also had a spicy green bean salad and papaya salad. 

The finished results of the Sooki yaki

Photos by Bell from Style's Bazaar.

I know that I haven't been good with uploading posts, but I promise to post more often. 

Thoughtful gift...

This week my friend surprised me with her homegrown chili peppers. Since she knew I love cooking spicy food, this was such a thoughtful gift from her! Their color was so vivid and bright, you could definitely tell that they were organic. 

Photos by Bell from Style's Bazaar
I'll be uploading more recipes and pictures of food later tonight.