Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today my boyfriend and I catered to a luncheon at a parsonage. We designed the menu and everything! It was very tiring to set up all the ingredients (we finished at 3 am), but everything turned out amazing. 

I got new knives for this catering occasion. 

The neighbors brought over their home grown vegetables, which was very nice of them.

All Photos by Bell from Style's Bazaar
I was so happy with the results of today's luncheon. My good friend Bell did such an amazing job with the pictures. 

Here's the menu of the food we made today:
1. Crab Croquette
2. Chicken Salad with Peanut dressing
3. Massaman Chicken 
4. Kra paow with Chicken and Basil
5. Coconut Jelly 

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  1. Looks so good!

    Just came across your blog!